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Corona - times

Due to the corona measures we were not able to play any concerts for a long time. Because of this we decided to work on a new CD. When the government will allow us to rehearse again, we'll continue the writing of some new songs. We are all looking forward to hit the studio again! Take care of yourselves and each other. 

Changements in the pastis-crew

We are sad to announce that our manager Kristof Bosmans has left the band due to personal reasons. The work behind the scenes is always more as people think and we would like to thank you again for all the energy and work you have put into the band. We’ll never forget the moments we shared together as a band.

 Nomade Slang is made up for 4 musical identities from all the corners of France, and Turkey. An ethnical and festive cocktail with humorous speech from Ben on the Stratobenjo, the melodies and skanks by Fred on the keys and melodica, the powerful baselines of Engin and the offbeat, funky rhythms of Leo on the drums. NS will take you on journey from "chanson francaise" to progressive rock, and will surprise you with their diverse yet party-vibed music. A spiced-up concert is guaranteed!

FBT fuses many elements. From progressive rock to post-punk and a sweep of metal here and latin-oriental-o-balkan rhythms there,  Their energy as a live band is contagious.

See you 29th februari at JH SOJO in Leuven. 

Francophonic Invasion Live @JH SOJO

Come one come all to an ecclectic musical evening!

Pastis presents an evening with our beloved 2 French sister-bands: Fat Bald Turk and Nomade Slang 


Pastis is bringing out their first album ROULER AU PAStis. The release of the album will take place at Colora Festival weekend 2019, August 18. 

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